A vast space in which the flavours of Portugal can be explored with the Tagus as a backdrop; a journey through Portuguese gastronomy, which celebrates the essence of the sea and the land with pleasure.

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codfish cake with
serra da estrela pdo cheese filling

The two oldest realities of the Portuguese people – the sea, where codfish hails from, and the land, where the Serra da Estrela cheese come from, from the highest mountain range in mainland Portugal – are now united. In a representation of the coast embracing the interior, we bring you the combination of these two Portuguese icons. Different, innovative and an ode to authenticity and respect for origins and tradition: a codfish cake with Serra da Estrela cheese filling. This affirms the originality of being authentic, in which the flavours and memories of the past come together in a unique Portuguese delicacy: the Codfish cake with Serra da Estrela PDO cheese filling.

comur, a mastery of flavours of
the sea

The passion for the sea has always been a symbol and a trait of the Portuguese people. Comur was also born out of that passion, in an epic tale where ancient knowledge and flavours bear witness the sea’s reunion with its heroes. An ode to Portugal, made with authenticity and mastery in original cans, sharing truly Portuguese knowledge and flavours that travel in each tin to the four corners of the world.

flavours that open portugal to the world

In addition to classic steaks, grilled or with delicious beer sauces, the Beer Museum boasts the heritage of traditional Portuguese cuisine, which stems from the passion for a collective memory, the appreciation of what is ours and pride in our identity. Here the flavours of the sea are praised (where cod and octopus take pride of place), but also the flavours of the land, with fabulous cuts of tender and succulent meat from native breeds.

And at the end, these tasty flavours serve as a preamble to a good coffee, which is also a Portuguese ritual that should be aromatic and unhurried.

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