The Beer Museum invites you on a visit to fully enjoy a unique, multi-sensory beer experience, on a journey through the evolution of beer over the last 7000 years.

monastery cellar

On this journey through the history of beer, visit a reconstructed European monastery cellar, which represents a time when beer production was low on resources, as were the monks who brewed it to feed themselves and keep their bodies warm during the hours when they were fasting. Produced on a large scale in the monasteries, beer began to be sent across Europe and also to Portugal.

In the 18th century, however, D. João V imposed a ban on beer imports, as a result of the many complaints from Portuguese wine producers, who lamented the increasing consumption of beer to the detriment of national wine. This prohibition opened the door to beer production in Portugal and Manuel Garcia Moreira, who knew that good water was crucial for the manufacture of a good beer (and that the water that arrived in Lisbon through the Roman aqueducts was of excellent quality!), created a Portuguese beer that, despite the ban, ironically started supplying the Portuguese Royal House.

1900s Room

It was at the beginning of the XX century that homemade production gave way to industrial beer production in Portugal. This industrialisation, both on a large scale and handcrafted, is portrayed here in a scenic and playful room, which helps us understand the principle of beer production and distribution in light of the spirit of the advent of industrialisation.

Come and see the magic of a brewery laboratory up close through glassware, pipettes, flasks and an endless number of containers and bottles in multiple shapes and sizes! Feel the texture of the malt, barley and hops, explore the distillery with its copper stills and barrels, witness the meticulous process of labelling, discover the crimping operation of the bottle tops and experience the distribution.

an ode to
portuguese beer

In the final stage of the visit, visitors are invited to take a trip into the universe of Portuguese beers, currently produced from north to south of the country by more than 100 producers, revealing the capillarity of this drink in Portugal. With an extensive variety of flavours and aromas, these beers attest that the combination of only four ingredients – water, hops, malt and yeast – when combined perfectly, are capable of achieving a very special taste!

On this journey through Portuguese beers, witness the enthusiasm and passion that the country’s master brewers dedicated to each of the varieties they created and which are waiting for you here. At the end of the visit to the Museum, choose one of the more than 100 Portuguese craft beers and taste the beer of your choice in the exclusive glass of the Museum, signed by Júlio Pomar, which keeps it very cool, while touring the country on our beer route and delighting in this eternal adventure.

hours and tickets

Visits with audio guides every day, from 12 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Guided tours every day (every 30 minutes), from 12:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Guided tour with tasting of 3 craft beers from different regions, in a private room.
Duration: 60 minutes. Experience for adults over 18 years old. €15/person.

Visit with audio guide with 1 craft beer for adults over 18 years old. Duration: 30 minutes. €10/person.

Free admission for children under 16 years old. Free museum visit for restaurant customers.