Culture, gastronomy and a journey through the flavours of Portuguese beers. Opened to the public since 2012, the Beer Museum is a restaurant and must-visit venue for beers from all regions of Portugal, in one of the largest squares in Europe – Terreiro do Paço, in Lisbon. What better place than this to toast and celebrate life?

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from portugal to the world

The Beer Museum is at the same time a restaurant where you can enjoy the finest Portuguese gastronomy and a museum that showcases the history of beer, proudly displaying Portugal’s legacy by celebrating the many beers produced in the various regions of the country.

the largest terrace in the country

If art is what distinguishes the interior of the Beer Museum, the magnitude of Terreiro do Paço is what distinguishes it outside: located on the largest square in the country, the Beer Museum provides unique moments of leisure and a good dose of vitamin D, thanks to the incredible light of the city ​​and the Tagus as a backdrop. An unmissable experience, which showcases Lisbon in all of its splendour, where time seems to stop.

a tribute to beer

And because beer is the main event here, the oldest, most popular and most consumed alcoholic drink in the world, as a tribute to its heritage and flavours, this drink is placed on an imposing pedestal built from glasses that were exclusively designed (engraved with the flags of the 192 countries of the world!), by one of the most prestigious Portuguese visual artists of the 20th century – Júlio Pomar – who is also responsible for the «Contos Murais»; a tile panel over 10-metres-long that welcomes visitors.